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Silverlight Sucks

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Just compare the system requirements of Microsoft's Silverlight with Adobe's Flash (Macromedia). Now, Flash has traveled the world and taken in all the sites for years and years. But, you'd think with the importance of playing in this space that Microsoft would compete a little harder... Oh wait... you all are still excited about Silverlight no matter what reality dictates. That's right... Let me know how it goes. I'll stick with the basics for a little while longer. (Don't get me wrong, I get just as excited as you do about Silverlight and an embedded light-weight .NET environment, but I don't let emotions control my actions.) Oh, and let me know how well Microsoft acquired Yahoo! and how they competed in the ad space while you're whistling Silverlight tunes. :) For all their efforts, I continue to applaud the developers at Microsoft. I'm certain you've done better than I could have. BTW: I'm loving what I've seen of WCF so far!

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